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Name: Spectissa Tyrathem 
Age: 128
Birthday: May 30th (Gemini)
Species: High Elf
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Height: 5ft 2in
Weight: 130 lbs
Alignment/Class: Chaotic Good Rogue 
Companion: Czort

Likes: Power Metal, Mead, Dragons, Potatoes
Dislikes: Crowded Spaces, Trolls, Mornings



For centuries, the Wood Elf kingdom of Sindaria flourished within the veil of the great forest. Ruled by a King who never involved his countrymen with the outside world. Even when the monster of war was burning down his beloved forest he ignored his own daughter, Princess Spectissa Tyrathem, imploring him to raise the armies and prepare to defend themselves, he did nothing... The Princess rallied her most trusted knights and together they fought their way through countless enemies to make their daring escape. By morning the forest was reduced to smolders. Overnight she became the Princess of Ash. With nothing left - they travel west, seeking a new home in the Kingdom of Monesia; finding adventure and treasure along the way. From then on, she became known as the Rogue Princess.


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