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Spectissa | 28 | Cringe Queen

Meet The Artist

Hello, my name is Spec! I graduated in 2020 BA in Studio Art from the University of North Georgia with a focus in illustration and animation. I am now a full time content creator on Twitch based in San Antonio! Like many other self-proclaimed nerds, video games have always been a source of inspiration for me, I was always fascinated with the storytelling and escapism through games. Twitch provides a platform for me to share my own stories and adventures with the world. Being a streamer also lets me show off what I'm most passionate about: Art. In fact, Twitch was the platform that gave me the push to do art as a career. I hope to continue to create and innovate for other Streamers to give back to the industry that has provided me with entertainment, opportunities and most importantly community during my time online.

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