By commissioning me, you accept the terms stated below.
Terms are subject to change without notice.

Last Updated:  June 6, 2021


  • Original Characters / IRL People

  • Fanart

  • Light Body horror/Blood

  • Anthro/Furry

  • Lewd + NSFW 

  • Twitch Emotes, Badges and Panels

  • Chibis


  • Hard Gore

  • Lewd art of any underage character

  • Any NSFW that makes me uncomfortable 

  • Detailed Backgrounds

  • Graphics (Logos, overlays, starting soon screens)

  • Overly Detailed Characters


  • You must be 18 years or older to commission NSFW art

  • If you are commissioning someone else's OC (ex: Vtuber), be sure they are comfortable with NSFW art of their character.

  • I am fine with fetish requests (BDSM, Bondage, anal, feet, etc) but I will deny SOME extreme fetishes (such as scat, diapers, guro, vore) - PLEASE ASK IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC REQUEST! 

  • All characters depicted must be consenting adults. NO child-like characters regardless of age (loli/shota)

  • I will not draw hyper proportions or super-muscles

  • I will not draw hard guro/gore NSFW - light blood is fine on a case-by-case basis

  • I will not draw animals, creatures or feral NSFW. This includes Pokemon (anthro/humanized Pokemon is ok). I will only draw anthro Furries.

  • I have the right to deny any/all requests


Commission Process

  1. Gather photo reference and read through my TOS before filling out my commission form.

  2. I will contact you with a quote and an estimated turnaround time for your order. If you have a specific deadline for your order, please inform me before payment

  3. After we have agreed to order terms, I will add you to my COMMISSION QUEUE send you an invoice through my website. You can pay for your order through Paypal or Card. I will not start on your commission until payment is received. 

  4. I will send you a sketch for review. There are unlimited revisions during the concept and sketching phase (within reason), however, once a sketch has been approved and has moved on to line-art, it will be minor revisions only.

  5. After your sketch is approved, it will be moved to the final rendering stage.

  6. When your commission is completed, I will email you the files.


  • Twitch channel tips are not considered payment towards commissions. If you would like to get a commission, you must fill out my request form and I will send you an invoice via email where you can pay with PayPal or Credit/Debit Card. This is the only way I will accept payment for orders.

  • Clients are expected to provide clear reference images and descriptions of their character and ideas.

  • Prices and Policies are subject to change.

  • All commissions are for personal use unless a commercial fee has been purchased.


Process and Communication

  • Work on commissions does not begin until terms of payment have been agreed upon.

  • For most orders, I require full payment up front. If the order is large, you have the option to pay 50% up front and 50% upon approval of the sketches. I will not continue until the invoice is paid in full.

  • At times I stream my commission work, if you are uncomfortable with this, let me know in your request. Please don't demand when your commission is streamed, I have a fairly strict process and workflow in order to get commission done in a timely manner.

  • If you request your commission to be worked on offline, or if your commission is NSFW, I may charge a fee depending on my workload since it will take extra time offline. 

  • I send updates throughout my commission process. If you have any questions about your order please check my QUEUE or contact me.

  • EMOTES: Your emote ideas may not be approved on streaming sites. If your emote is rejected or denied I will not revise your emote for free. I try my best to only accept ideas I think will be approved but ultimately this is your responsibility.

Rush Orders, Deadlines and Delays

  • If there is a deadline I need to know about, please let me know in the order form so I can tell you if it can be completed by then.

  • Commissions by default have no immediate deadline unless discussed before payment. Most orders have a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks. I try to get commissions done as soon as possible but my average turnaround time is subject to change and depends on my workload. Bigger and more complex orders will take longer.

  • I accept deadlines - some may require a fee depending on how large the order is and how soon it must be completed.

  • For an additional 50% of the price, you can be added to my priorities list. (ex: A rush order of one emote would be $60)

  • I will give you a timeline quote when you place your order.


  • If you want to cancel your order and I've already started on it, 50% of the total commission price will be refunded. If sketches are approved and I've started on the final render, no refund will be given. 

  • I have the right to cancel a commission (ex: I am unable to complete the order for any reason). Commissions I cancel will be given a full refund.

  • I keep the rights and use of canceled commissions.

Licensing and Copyright

  • If you, the client have not purchased a commercial fee, I (Spectissa) own all the rights to the commission. This means you are not allowed to use your commission for profitable merchandise. 

  • Commercial fees are x2 the total price of the commission.

  • You are allowed to edit your own commission, but if you are drastically changing your commission (drawing over it or having another artist edit it, please contact me first)

  • EMOTES and ANIMATION: You are allowed to have other artists animate your emotes! Just please contact me beforehand.

  • You are allowed to print your commission for yourself or for any personal merch (putting it on a shirt/sticker for yourself). You also may print stickers/etc to giveaway for FREE. Please contact me for any questions about this!

Have Questions?

Not finding the answers you seek? Don't be afraid to contact me directly. I will get back to you as soon as I can!